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Urban Myth Club

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Their first gig was Glastonbury, their second on the main stage at The Big Chill festival. With their critically-acclaimed debut album, Helium, already hailed as "one of the best downtempo albums ever released" Urban Myth Club are one band that don’t do things the traditional way.

The Club formed when electronica artist Dezz met Hollywood film composer Stephen Barton, who had recently returned to the UK having worked on blockbusters such as Gladiator. The duo created the downtempo tracks that plotted the future course of the Club. When LA called with the offer to write the music for Shrek 2 and Narnia, Stephen took a sabbatical from the Club and the idea of a collective was born.

Dezz hooked up with enigmatic producer Ian Sanderson (whose infamous Cuckooland samples have been used by hundreds of artists including Massive Attack, Lemon Jelly, the Prodigy and Beastie Boys) and Urban Myth Club's rocket left orbit. Soon the collective grew to include a number of renowned musicians and vocalists including EMI artist Clare Szembek (Captain, The Funky Lowlives) and Rowan Godel. Other celebrity members remain confidential.

Urban Myth Club was meant to be a secret, but a leaked album sampler found its way to a Canadian DJ who, in an unprecedented move by commercial radio, playlisted all six tracks on his show. Tastemakers in the UK were not far behind, with national airplay and a growing army of trend-setting fans such as Big Chill founder Pete Lawrence, Adam Freeland and Music Week, who featured the debut single "I Feel It" and album "Helium" on their playlist.

After two years in the studio, Urban Myth Club have crafted an album of beautifully eclectic tracks, fusing organic electronica with anything that tickled their fancy, and the results are destined to become a million personal soundtracks. Drawing comparisons from Massive Attack to Portishead, and Air to Royksopp, the collective have been called "the next Zero 7.

Live, Urban Myth Club are a seven-piece outfit, joined on stage by vocalists including Clare Szembek, Rowan Godel and Niamh McNally, bassist Louis Thorne, Ben Gurney-Smith (Percussion) and keyboard player Shannon Harris (Lily Allen).

Urban Myth Club have appeared mysteriously but are spreading spontaneously.

"Urban Myth Club have produced one of the finest, most complete, most beautiful and truly gorgeous albums my ears have heard for years. As close to musical perfection as it gets."
Ben Mynott

“Poised to become the hottest downtempo act ever"
Clear FM




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