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Kaya Project

Kaya Project is the musical incarnation of Seb Taylor and Natasha Chamberlain. Based in the UK, the duo has achieved a world renowned name via their first two albums Walking Through and Elixir. Seb has also achieved notable success with his other projects over the past 12 years including Digitalis, Angel Tears, and Shakti. As a proficient and skilled musician Seb also plays guitar, cello and flute on many of his tracks as well as adeptly handling the programming and production. Along with additional acoustic support from his partner Natasha, Momi Ochon and a wide variety of accompanying musicians scattered across the planet.

At age 16, Seb heard the album "Songs From the Victorious City", a collaboration between Anne Dudley and Jaz Coleman (Killing Joke), and became fascinated with the fusion of Middle Eastern music and Western production. Since his first electronic music release in 1995, Seb has recorded under many different names in many different styles. In 1997 he signed his first record deal with Big Life/Dragonfly Records. The success of his recordings with the groups Shakta and Digitalis led to Seb performing around the world on a regular basis and gave him the opportunity to absorb different musical cultures.

In Israel he met Momi Ochion, and together they formed Angel Tears, recording a variety of musicians from the Middle East and melding these sounds into their own unique electronica. These tracks subsequently ended up on many well-regarded compilation CDs - including Claude Challe's "Buddha Bar" series - and were heard in a number of hit TV shows, such as HBO's Sex And The City.

Whilst on tour in Mexico, Seb met Irina Mikhailova singing wih Medicine Drum, and on a subsequent trip to London Irina recorded vocals at Seb's studio. The resulting track, "Labess" sung in Moroccan Arabic, became the first Kaya Project song. It was quickly picked up by DJ and producer Pathaan (Stoned Asia Music), who regularly played the track at his legendary Stoned Asia parties in London. Seb later returned the favour by remixing one of Irina's tracks - Nightflower - which was included on the first album Walking Through.


...and so it goes


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