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With tracks from his four albums licensed for over a 100 compilations worldwide, it’s remarkable that Danish downbeat doyen CHRISTIAN RØNN (aka GANGA) has never had an official US release – well, not until now.

Visionary new NYC-based imprint KID Recordings - in partnership with Ganga’s own Flinc Music label – are to release his stunning fifth album Forget Gravity.

Forget Gravityhas a Balearic feel, with dub–deep basslines, blissed-out vocals and string-drenched lushness conjuring beauteous widescreen vistas. Seamlessly combining Asian, Latin and Nordic influences Forget Gravity is both glacially cool and skin-prickingly sensual; deep and weightless as its title suggests.

And if you think downtempo is music to fall asleep to, think again: Forget Gravity might be powerfully intoxicating – but there’s a sharp intellect at play here. Often blurring genres and national borders creates a sonic mush – like mixing every colour only to get a muddy brown. Instead, Forget Gravity is somehow crisp and luscious, bright and beautifully blurry; sweet as a lullaby but rhythmically adventurous: heavy on melody and atmospherics creating a narcotic soundscape whose DNA is truly global.

As is normal for a GANGA album, Forget Gravity features brilliant vocal and musical performances from all corners of the world: Anwar Ahmed Khan and his brother Naushad Hussain Khan, both from India, perform on “Clouds,” together with regular Ganga collaborator Helle Chirholm; Annemarie Zimakoff’s delicate vocals adorn two cinematic slow-burners “Secrets” and “Are You Hiding”; another Ganga regular Steen Kyed (The Great Danes) lends languid guitar to the hypnotic groove of “Yellow Leaves”; “This Time” – the one previously released track, a standout on 2010’s Gaiaalbum – features the smoky tones of acclaimed Bay Area vocalist Scheherazade Stone.

Prior to the album’s release, the muezzin-gauzy “Clouds” – where a deepest-blue soul vocal entwines with languid Bollywood come-ons – has already been picked by DJ Ravin for Buddha Bar 13, and several other tracks are on the slate for other compilations.

Musically, Christian’s a chameleon. He started playing the guitar and piano and writing songs at an early age - before going on to study literature at university. He went on to have a collection of poems published before turning back to his first love, music. After a further 6 years of study, he graduated from the Royal Danish Academy of Music, where his skill in improvisation lead to him composing and producing his own tracks which were quickly snapped up for use in films and television.

Despite his classical background, Christian was heavily influenced by the electronic scene of the early 90s. He also developed a passion for ethnic which lead him to study instruments such as the sitar and the tingklik (a type of xylophone from Indonesia).

Christian made his debut as GANGA in 2005, releasing I Dream About Treeson influential Danish label Music For Dreams, known for an eclectic roster of artists (including Kenneth Bager, Bliss, Aura, BanzaiRepublic, Hess Is More and Lulu Rouge) and compilation series including Folk Not Folk and Luftkastellet.

In 2007, he launched his own Flinc Music label and released three beautiful albums: Don’t Wake Me Up (2007), More Light Please(2009) and Gaia(2010).Increasingly in-demand as a DJ, composer, producer and live performer, Christian’s genre-defying downtempo DJ sets have brought him as far as Buddha Bar in Dubai, as well as several Ibizan hotspots including the legendary Café Del Mar. And obviously he plays out regularly at home in Copenhagen, where he’s frequently to be found seducing discerning club-goers.

As a composer and live performer, GANGA has collaborated with some of the most influential Danish performers (Hanne Boel, Peter Peter) and appeared several times at Roskilde Festival in Denmark – a highlight on anyone international festival calendar, providing live, original soundtracks for – amongst others - Fritz Lang’s silent sci-fi classic Metropolis and Sergei Eisenstein’s Battleship Potemkin. The new music for Potemkin was composed in collaboration with Peter Peter (ex. Sort Sol) and is out on a new DVD this year, promoted by a series of live performances - as a part of “Film og musik live”. Ganga has also recently completed the score for the documentaries "Så er der kaffe og heroin" by Ulrik Holmstrup and "Fortællingen om Rosa" by René Bo Hansen.


Forget Gravity


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