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It’s apt that the word ‘leisurely’ appears at the very beginning of Alucidnation’s story. 

Bruce Bickerton, the one-man powerhouse behind Alucidnation (responsible for all the act’s music, photography, design and website), clearly works very hard. You just have to look at his discography and gigography to know that he doesn’t shirk from creativity. But listening to his music (or indeed having a chat with the man himself) reveals a stillness and a sensitivity that belies his creative drive. 

Apt too, in that many of his songs would provide the perfect soundtrack to a leisurely stroll around any park, in any city.

A soft-spoken, down-to-earth Englishman (he describes his passions as "my wife and family, good pubs, writing and playing music, photography & touring in my campervan."), exuding a laid-back demeanour that tries, but doesn’t succeed in hiding his wealth of talent, imagination and humour - Bruce’s love of music runs deep. A devotion that can be traced right back to an early childhood steeped in piano lessons, his dad’s rock ‘n’ roll, and a deep appreciation of ELO that persists to this day. 

While ELO top the list of Bruce’s musical inspirations, the list is lengthy, including as it does “anything and everything (apart from opera).”. Those looking for more specific musical landmarks in the Alucidnation landscape would be pointed in the direction of “The Beatles, seventies electronica, Pink Floyd, Blue Nile, dub, Brian Eno, Joni Mitchell...”

Live, Bruce’s laconic style, (unusually for a vocalist, he often sits down at his laptop whilst singing live) is a lesson in doing just what you need to. Each time he kicks off an electronic soundscapes over which his unique, fragile voice meditates on life and love, he wins new fans. It’s no surprise that Alucidnation live sets have formed an essential part of The Big Chill festival and residency at the Big Chill Bar in London.



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