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Steve Miller is Afterlife

 Top UK Chillout producer Steve Miller – The most played artist in Ibiza last year, at least at the beach bars and anywhere into lush, lilting, chilled and totally saturated sounds of impeccable taste. He is the sunset phenomenon, purveyor of romantic and melancholic mood music. As AFTERLIFE and LUX he created both opening tracks on Café del Mar vol.7 and 2 further tracks on Café del Mar vol.8. With previous tracks also on volumes 3, 4 and 6. Steve produces Chill “classics” as his “Simplicity 2000” album has proven. Steve has been producing for a long while and has worked with K - Klass, Jose Padilla, Chris Coco, Lenny Ibizarre and others too numerous to mention. He comes from a jazz/reggae background cutting his engineering and production techniques with the legendary Karl Pitterson who produced Handsworth Revolution by Steel Pulse and engineered the Exodus album for Bob Marley

The first ever Afterlife gig was played at The Glade in Glastonbury Festival 2000 to a very surprised audience - they were not expecting chillout but loved it all the same. 
Other gigs in Ibiza during july that year including the exquisite Dreamdaze at Kumharas, Pacha Playa, Base Bar and rounding off by headlining at Cafe Del Mar 20th anniversary along with A Man Called Adam, Mandalay, Levitation and Trumpetman. 
The gig was televised by MTV.

During 2002 Steve played the sunset at Café Mambo before going on to chill the crowds at The Roof Terrace at Pacha, Ibiza every week complementing Roger Sanchez in the main room on his Release Yourself nights. 
This year sees him concentrating on completing the debut NO LOGO album and working on the new AFTERLIFE album due for release early 2008 as well as attending to remix duties. Past commissions include Jakatta’s classic “American Dream” and Roger Sanchez’s “Another Chance” His chillout mix being the only remix making it onto the single which went to number 1 in the UK charts.



Speck Of Gold

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