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1 Giant Leap

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Jamie Catto - musician, film director, editor, photographer, creative catalyst. 

As founding member and art director of the hugely successful band Faithless, Catto has enjoyed no fewer than five Top Ten singles ("Salva Mea", "Insomnia", "Reverence"), seen two albums go gold in the UK alone, playing to crowds of up to 80,000. As art director for Faithless' Cheeky label, Catto has directed critically acclaimed videos for their artists, including Faithless' stunning sign language film for "God Is A DJ." His photos and designs have adorned the covers of Skinny's Failure And Faithless' Sunday 8pm albums. 

Duncan Bridgeman - artist, producer, multi-instrumentalist. 

Bridgeman's music career started in the early 80's when he scored a Number One dance hit ("Give Me") with the groundbreaking soul band I Level. After leaving the band, he spent ten years as a successful producer and remixer, working with Duran Duran, Eurythmics, Shakespeare's Sister and Paul McCartney. He enjoyed tremendous commercial success producing Transvision Vamp and, later, Take That's first album Take That And Party. When Bridgeman tired of making other people's music, he packed his bags, grew his hair long, and joined a band called Tribal Drift. He spent the next few years creating music and playing festivals throughout Europe and the UK, ultimately forming 1 Giant Leap with Jamie Catto.

1 Giant Leap 

When Catto and Bridgeman joined forces to create 1 Giant Leap, they embarked on a global journey equipped solely with a digital video camera, a laptop and a vision - to capture and weave together a unique fusion of sound, image and spoken word from some of the world's most happening musicians, authors, scientists and thinkers.
The idea was to write a group of songs, put them into the laptop, and take them into the field. Because they were free from the constraints of the traditional recording studio, they could actually travel to the deserts of Australia or the jungles of Africa, and work there and then with whomever they met without the need for electricity.

For the first time ever, rather than just gathering samples and taking them back to a studio and re-working them, the collaborators could hear what previous collaborators had done. This meant real collaboration and real involvement from everyone on the record. The singers in America could actually hear the musicians in India and the drummers in Africa, and really play along with them. 

1 Giant Leap explore simple but universal concepts that touch all of us, no matter where we come from or where we are going. 

From the original ‘Unity through Diversity’ through to the latest “What About me’ project 1 Giant Leap feature contributions from some of the most creative minds of our generation, inspirations such as Michael Stipe, Maxi Jazz, Carlos Santana, Stewart Copeland, Stephen Fry, Tim Robbins, Eckhart Tolle, Will Young, Bob Geldof, Dennis Hopper, KD Lang, Gabrielle Roth, Brian Eno, Baaba Maal. Michael Franti, Deepak Chopra, , Kurt Vonnegut and Billy Connolly.


What About Me?

Not All Those Who Wander Are Lost 


What About Me?

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