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Zen Connection 4

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Product Description
"Compiled by DJ/producer Leigh Wood, it's a meditative mix of exotic beats and vocals. We'd never heard anything like it before".
Cosmopolitan Magazine 
"Perhaps this decade's most consistently fine compilation series of downtempo world beat"
Following on with the highly successful Zen Connection series comes the long awaited Zen Connection 4.
Mixed by DJ/Producer Leigh Wood, this new compilation is a blend of earthy, organic instrumentation with Side 1 taking you on a downtempo ambient, global drift and Side 2, whilst increasing the tempo, moves seamlessly from deep tribal rhythms through to mid-tempo beats layered with worldly exotic flavours.
Zen Connection 4 has a deeper, refined tone that can be heard throughout with the use of local and international musicians, some of which have recorded tracks exclusively for Zen 4. Artists include Salmonella Dub, Kaya Project, Amanaska, Omar Faruk, Bombay Dub Orchestra, Banco de Gaia plus many more.
Zen Connection 4 is the perfect summer compilation - use it to create the non-stressful chilled out environment you want. Perfect for all retail outlets, entertaining or simply relaxing.
Published Reviews
'...If you're looking for a soundtrack to lull you into an afternoon, doze by the pool or on the deck, or you just want to create an ambient haven in your living room, you must try Zen Connection 4...this is a sublime compilation of blissed out tunes which are bound to whisk away all your week's worries.'
Ed Randell, Sunshine Coast Sunday
'Another album doing a great job of providing a soundtrack to a late night mellow sessions is the latest Zen Connection 4 album. Zen 4 is a brilliant two-disc collection of chilled-out beats from around the world...the ambience of this collection is something to behold, with the musical selection being able to take the listener through any and every emotion imaginable. This excellent collection is great over dinner, fantastic for setting the mood at a party, or perfect for a chilled out night session.
I've tested this numerously over the past few weeks, and have been damn impressed everytime. Check it out and be moved by Zen Connection 4.'
Global Beats - Luke Balzan.
"Perhaps this decade's most consistently fine compilation series of downtempo world beats, Zen Connection 4 easily maintains those high standards. "Easy" it isn't, of course. Praise goes once again to label head Leigh Wood who's compiling skills have produced a series that sits exactly - and I mean exactly - at a point which appeals to both the easy-going mainstream and much fussier alternative listeners.
Genre pioneers Mayko, Banco De Gaia and Adham Shaikh all make welcome appearances. Banco's wonderful slow-burning rock groove "Farewell Ferengistan" smooches all over you with its deeply luscious strings, synths and Vedic wailing. Mayko's remix for Omar Faruk Tekbilek typifies the particularly strong presence of Arabian folk and Asian Indian elements on this volume. Dub, lounge, electro, Latin, ambient and progressive trance are also significant elements across 2 discs of songs, instrumentals and semi-vocal tracks. Whether or not you buy into the Zen Buddhist philosophies of the accompanying booklet shouldn't effect potential enjoyment of the musical contents. The concepts of life-balance and contemplation speak eloquently through the music regardless. ZC4 is quality all the way.
Rating: 4/5" ambientmusicguide.com (Nov 2006)
"Here's a release that stands out from the crowd...it's also the smoothest and sexiest album I've heard for a very long time"..
Bars and Clubs Magazine
"The perfect soundtrack to a Sunday afternoon"..Nova 96.9FM radio

 "Leave your backpack at home and fly off on this luscious journey through the modern sounds of East meets West:...
3D World Magazine

Zen Connection 3

Zen Connection 2 (no longer available)

Zen Connection 1 (No Longer Available)

CD 1:
1. Bluetech - Worthy 
2. Spiral System - Elephant (dub) feat. Lottie Child 
3. Salmonella Dub - Savage (Fibre mix) 
4. Goloka - Give Me Loving (Mantra mix) 
5. Kaya Project - Quanto Tiempo 
6. Banzai Republic - Loolah feat. Natacha Atlas 
7. Omnimotion - Japan (Omnimotion remix) 
8. Puff Dragon - Marine Drive 
9. Still - Waste 
10. Bhakta & Darpan - Reflections (instrumental) 
11. Rhian Sheehan - Phobos 
12. Parallel - Interstellar 
13. Banco de Gaia - Farewell Ferengistan 
14. Bombay Dub Orchestra - Mumtaz 

CD 2:
1. Shaman\'s Dream - Entomononi 
2. Frontera - Walking in the Rain feat. Luca Santucci 
3. Amanaska - Bag the Lama (Zen mix) 
4. Naiad - The Naiades of the Purple Lake 
5. Kaya Project & Gandolfi - Kookamunga 
6. Omar Faruk Tekbilek & Steve Shehan - Laundry Girl (Mayko remix) 
7. The Dub Dentist - Sakura (Artificial Colouring mix) 
8. Tijuana Cartel - The Gathering (Zen mix) 
9. Toires - Mustahil 
10. Midival Punditz - Khayaal feat. Vishal Vaid 
11. Adham Shaikh & Freeworm - Dougoulanta 
12. Tribe 2 - I Shall Not Walk Alone 

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