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Afterlife - Speck Of Gold (Licensing)

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CD 1:
1. Speck of Gold feat. Cathy Battistessa  
2. Clear Blue Sky feat. Calladine  
3. Shine  
4. Like Prana  
5. How Does It Feel  
6. Still feat. Melanie Williams  
7. Smooch  
8. Take Me Inside feat. Danni Minogue  
9. Ozo  
10. Miracle feat. Neve  
11. Sunrise feat. Rachel Lloyd (DJ Thunda and the K20 Allstars mix)  

CD 2:
1. Speck of Gold (Sunset Mix)  
2. Take Me Inside feat. Danni Minogue (Christophe Goze Mix)  
3. Miracle (Cantoma Mix)  
4. Shine (Chris Coco Mix)  
5. Speck of Gold (Chris Coco Mix)  
6. Sunrise (Roger Sanchez mix)  
7. Cry (Beach House Mix)  

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