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Transcending cultural boundaries by synthesizing a variety of world music traditions. This unified global soundscape reveals a compelling fusion of instruments from North and West Africa, India, the Middle East, Japan and Australia, with a solid backbone of African and Middle Eastern percussion.

“Collectivity” forges a new path into the neo-tribal topographies of the 21st. century. This richly woven tapestry of sound is inlaid with accents of Turkish Oud, Nay, Zorna, Indian tabla, African Mbira, Marimba, Kamele N’goni, Middle Eastern Sazu, Flutes, Bass, and Far Eastern Mouth Harp.

Suitable for: Belly dancing - Celebrations - Worldly Tastes

1. Bellydancer 
2. Ciew Mewele by Issa Bagayogo (Dustyfoot Remix) 
3. Marmalade Sun (Afrodub Remix) 
4. Dougoulanta (with Freeworm) 
5. Beyond I 
6. Ya Buoy by Omar Faruk Tekbilek (Spiral Eyes Remix) 
7. Sub Bubble 
8. Peace To The Middle East (featuring Ganga Giri) 
9. Collective 
10. Deep Dream Meme 

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