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Dances of Ecstasy

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DVD Region 4 only

"DANCES OF ECSTASY" is a sensory journey into the world of trance and ecstasy. that binds dancers from Manhattan to Morocco. Filmmakers Michelle Mahrer and Nicole Ma travelled to traditional and modern day rituals to discover what is the altered state experience, which people seek through dance. In these rituals, Whirling Dervishes from Turkey, Orisha priestesses from Nigeria and Brazil, and shaman healers from the Kalahari and Korea, pulse to the same beat as thousands of young people at an all night techno dance party in an Australian forest. 

DANCES OF ECSTASY celebrates the universal human experience where rhythm and dance unite us. The film explores the many levels of trance and discovers that what links them together is the human need to connect with a spiritual dimension – a living part of many traditional cultures, which modern culture seeks to recapture. 

DANCES OF ECSTASY is a visual and aural feast for the senses, an innovative documentary blending exciting dance rituals, evocative imagery, interviews and a spellbinding global music soundtrack featuring original music recorded on location in Africa, Morocco, Korea, Turkey, and Brazil mixed with electronica and percussion. The film is an inspiration to dance, and to reconnect with a sense of the sacred that many have lost touch with in modern life. 

DANCES OF ECSTASY the one hour documentary forms the centrepiece of an innovative groundbreaking double DVD set which includes several additional films, music and visuals further exploring the subject of trance, inviting the viewer into an experiential journey. The first DVD includes four in depth documentaries about the filmmakers’ journey to the different communities including the San in Namibia, the Yoruba in Nigeria, the Candomble ceremony in Brazil, and the Kut ritual in Korea providing deeper insights into the rituals. It also includes the complete Sufi chanting ceremony. The second DVD includes a half hour teaching video by ecstatic dance pioneer Gabrielle Roth, and 14 Dance music tracks with hypnotic visuals by leading dance music artists from around the world fusing world music with electronica including One Giant Leap, James Asher, and Six degrees recording artists Dj Cheb I Sabbah, Banco da Gaia and Bob Holroyd. 

Media reviews 

"Dances of Ecstasy" is enthralling in its evocation of a mental and physical release that most of us long for" The Age Australia 

"It is not often that a film comes along that offers its audience such compelling insight into the role dance plays in the lives of so many diverse groups of people. The message is clear: if dance can have such a powerful impact on the spiritual lives of so many across lands and time there must be something to it." Cinephile

"It was a mesmerising and uplifting experience which effectively portrayed ecstatic dance as a link between people all over the world" Carol Middleton State of the Arts 

"The rhythm gets to you and the superb editing sucks you in. Fascinating" Melbourne Weekly Magazine 

"Dances of Ecstasy's strength lies in the reminder that, as spiritual beings having a human experience" wherever we go there we are" the human quest for revelation. Healing and enlightenment is a shared one and confirms that geographically divided as we are, we're ultimately seeking the same thing. Wholeness" Groove radio LA 

"The calming and visually beautiful Dances of Ecstasy offers a mesmerizing journey" Film Forward USA 

"a truly awesome documentary" Phenomenews

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