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Massivan - 'Family With 3 Hearts'

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Flowing like the cool summer breeze that blows over the Mediterranean Island (or can use Balearic Island) of Formentera where he lives, Swiss musician Massivan steps forward with his fourth solo album ‘Family With 3 Hearts’. Filled with lounge, house and jazz influences, this shimmering long player is released in Australia by One World Music 14th July 2011.

Born the son of a Italian violinist living in Switzerland, early on Massivan enjoyed a classical education, starting with the violin at the age of six, then later also the drums. Stepping into audio-engineering and DJ’ing, his music career took a big step forward when in 2000 when he co-founded the label ‘Modest Records’. Releasing five singles on the label under the pseudonym ‘Josef's Ruhe’, one of them, ‘Zu?rihorn’, was charted and played around the world by several high ranking djs including John Digweed, Sasha, Timo Maas and Steve Lawler.

After a collaborative effort with Jens Andersson under the guise ‘Calmstreet’ which resulted in the pop lounge album ‘Third Wave’ released in 2002, Massivan turned his attention back to his own musical works, releasing his first solo album called ‘Daylife’ in 2005 where he blended jazzy-chill-house with latin-beats. In 2006 he released his second solo album called ‘Massenwahn’ which saw him once again shift his musical focus to pure club-music, a mixture of electro-pop and psychedelic-trance. In 2007 for his third solo album ‘Wide’ Massivan again looked to further his scope, involving several live musicians to create a down-tempo classic that has heavy doses of jazz throughout.

The mood of ‘Family With 3 Hearts’ is inspired by the sun and endless summer nostalgia that comes from Massivan’s life on his sundrenched island home. With vocals and carefully placed samples loosely flowing together over beats and soundscapes, this album is as delicate as it is captivating.

The lead single ‘2 B @ 1 With The World’ features Massivan on vocals, along with violin by Mirco Pezzino, guitar by Peer Born laid across sundrenched beats that keep the mood light and airy from start to finish. Check out the official video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aGDigBprHHU. Other stand out gems on the long player include ‘Blue Love (feat. Jen)’, ‘Aequinox’ and ‘Formentera Sunset’, while ‘Bring the Fonk’ explores the jazzy, electro fonk parts with the inclusion of guitars played with perfection. ‘Saturday Nite’ offers a kind of very efficient house.

With the temperature in Australia on the decline, the timing couldn’t be better for Massivan’s ‘Family With 3 Hearts’ to pick you up and whisk you away to a place where the sun is shining and your cares are a long plane flight away.

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1. 2 B @ 1 With The World 
2. Blue Love (Feat. Jen) 
3. Bring The Fonk 
4. 4 Generations 
5. Belleza Tristeza (Feat. Bea Luna) 
6. Daydream 
7. Aequinox 
8. Changing My Mind (Feat. Olson) 
9. Formentera Sunset 
10. Mercury 
11. First Kiss (Feat. Jen) 
12. Saturday Nite 

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