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One World Publishing

One World Publishing is a dynamic music publisher which licenses music for all kinds of usage.
We have established ourselves as specialists in a range of acoustic and electronic music, including downtempo, ambient, worldbeat and chill-out.
If you have a requirement for advertising, film, TV, games or compilations, we are the ideal resource.
To find out more, please contact Leigh Wood

One World Music is published internationally by Real World Publishing

Customised branded CD services are also available upon request.

Tracks available for Licensing from the following albums:

Eclipse 2012
George & O'Sullivan - 'Myxomatosis' (Licensing)
Massivan - 'Family With 3 Hearts' (Licensing)
Pravana - 'Yoga Grooves' (Licensing)
Pravana - 'Yoga Meditation' (Licensing)
Vargo - 'Precious' (Licensing)
Aluta & The Mystics - 'The Struggle Continues' (licensing)
Audio Shaman - 'Cityzen' (Licensing)
Favourite Son (Licensing)
Chris Coco 'Feel Free Live Good' (License)
Urban Myth Club 'Helium' (License)
Tijuana Cartel - 'They Come' (licensing)
Alucidnation - 'Get Lost' (licensing)
Hardage - 'The Five Doubts' (licensing)
1 Giant Leap - What About Me? (licensing)
Yoga Mystique (licensing)
Tom Middleton - Lifetracks (Licensing)
Afterlife - Speck Of Gold (Licensing)
Flipside - 'Presence' (Licensing)
Amanaska - 'Circles' (Licensing)
Audio Shaman - 'Welcome Traveller' (Licensing)
Kaya Project - 'Elixir' (Licensing)
Christophe Goze - 'Turning Inside' (Licensing)
Vargo - 'Beauty' (Licensing)
Amanaska - 'Panorama' (Licensing)
Small Defence - 'Bamboo Soup' (Licensing)
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