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One World Music

Unity in Diversity

About the label

Independent record label One World Music began more than ten years ago when DJ/Producer Leigh Wood had a vision to incorporate both traditional and modern musical influences around a hybrid of unique electro/acoustic sounds.

Fusing music from around the world, where people, cultures and technology converge. One World’s unique sonic creations highlight the idea that music is the one, true universal language.

From electronica to lounge, ambient to dance, roots and dub through to chilled beats, One World creations hold no bounds.

Artists on the One World Music path include: 1 Giant Leap. Tom Middleton, Afterlife, Amanaska, Audio Shaman, Tijuana Cartel, Kaya Project, Bliss, Christophe Goze, Flipside and Alucidnation to name a few.

If you want to discover new sounds from around the world you’ve arrived at the right place ... enjoy the journey!

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